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Don’t forget dry snark, expensive dresses, casual- yet classy- alcoholism and a caffeine habit that would and could kill most grown men.  

ah ye2, can’t leave out the e22entiial2, can we.

look2 that could kiill on top of all of that ju2t make2 you 2ound unfaiirly iincrediible. ii for one am awe2truck on a regular ba2ii2 at all of thii2.

Of course not.

In the words of the prophet Dave Middlename Lastname, flattery will get you everywhere.  Please, do continue.  It fuels me.


Your glamour was nothing to bat an eyelash at either. You looked like a child; innocent round face dotted with more freckles then one could hope to count, short cropped messy black hair, small short frame. The only things that stood out were long lashes and candy coloured eyes.

Despite being shorter then most (even Rose) in this form, it’s your favorite. After all, humans trust children *way* too easily. You proved that time and time again.

You eye the sugary treats she holds up. Lucifer have mercy, this woman knows a man. She knows what you like other then slaughtering the innocent. You take your time answering her.

“There’s an electrical room in the basement of this building. Luckily for me, I managed to snag the keys, heeheehee,”

There is no mistaking the jiggling of a large ring of keys that you produce from your back pocket. You offer her your arm.

“Shall we?”

Caliborn’s little pause is noted but not commented on, the scent of metal catching her attention long before the comment about the keys ever does.   

"Clever.  I like that in a snake demon."

Her compliments are offhanded as ever, her own actual hand straying respectfully from the leviathan’s.  She’s seen the posts well enough to know at least the most minuscule amounts about her companion’s little thing with hands.

It’s a touch difficult to lock elbows with the height difference but the only other method involves letting hte halfbreed stumble blindly as she tries to pick his scent from the thousands of others in this building.  Which admittedly wouldn’t be hard given the reek of stale human and midlife crisis.

"And here I thought it was supposed to be the blind leading the blind.  I do hope you know where you’re going?"


when will your history ever 

Remind me again why I go to the Dusk market?





B  E    O  U  R    G  U  E  S  T

these skeletons look legitimately friendly and inviting, i don’t know about you guys but i’m hella stoked to kick it with these skeletons


For the past several days, you’ve done nothing but discreetly empty your place, (a very nice top floor ‘apartment’ right smack in the middle of the city) out of everything. Furniture, personal items, and only leaving the things that you could easily carry on you.

It wasn’t long before your place was empty, not that you had many things anyways. 

You go down the elevator, because fuck the stairs, seriously. You take a slightly different form, that of a a short, yet well dressed child. Boy, you certainly feel like a child, you’re more excited then a kid on Christmas day, excitedly ripping open their presents.

You can’t wait to light this place up.

Arriving on the first floor, you step out of the elevator and you spot her, sensing her familiar aura rather quickly. You look down at your watch. Exactly twenty minutes. Huh.

You waste no time walking up to her, certain that she’ll recognize you. despite how extremely different you look and sound. You have the devils grin on your currently round and childlike face.

"Rose, glad you could make it."

Black hair,  Tan skin.  Rose’s glamour is completely unremarkable if not for the eyes, familiar lilac hues cutting sharply across the room from the face of a woman she’d watched breathe her last decades ago. With a look of betrayal and understanding.  Of Rose; of what is.  Of what she’s capable of.

The thought brings a soft smile, and one that doesn’t diminish as she finally deigns it time to address her host for the evening.

"Umbrage.  Always a pleasure."

For him she tilts her head back a respectable degree, baring throat in supplicant to of moving horns away from his face.  Whether he gets the little gesture or not is irrelevant as she takes note of her surroundings.

"Is there anywhere particular you’d like to start?" a pause as she holds up the bag of goodies, flashing teeth in a wry smile more suited for the devil than any human alive.

"I brought treats."

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Alexandre Vauthier Haute Couture Fall 2014


which one do i get?? hardest decision of my life?