{{ Too tired to Rose.  Goodnight friends. }}


you could change it back to pumpkin head around halloween time!

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Absolutely, yes.

You’re welcome.

It’s everything I ever wanted and more.




rose i was just about to message you do you have pesterchum

My handle is twixtTacenda.



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oh my god we never went rock hunting

No.  No we did not.

my deepest apologies we should go rock runting

"Rock runting".


  • SMEARED LEMON :youre pretty cool but sometimes youre a dick too

Coming from you I should be flattered.


…I’m fully aware, yes. It doesn’t mean I won’t be referring to it as such. Éire doesn’t have a good history with it’s… easterly isle.

I’m Feferi, it’s certainly interesting to meet you Rose.

You must be a fey proper then.  Proper pertaining to locale and general attitude more than anything else but at any rate!  It is lovely.  Very much so.


I may ask your specific lineage but the telling’s always less fun than the asking.

Violet Vanity


Aradia wouldn’t say anything about the hand grasping her own. She would merely hold onto it without a word, letting Rose use it as needed while they went down the stairs. The halfbreed didn’t seem to even really need her there, but Aradia was sure that the blind female had walked them many times before.

That was nice; but Aradia had noted the nose wrinkle. They were probably iron, and that would be confirmed in mere minutes once they were inside the little shed. It was beautiful to behold and Aradia was away from the female’s side within moments, moving to inspect and pick up things. She tested the weight of knives, guns, brass knuckles—the works.

"Rose you have a nice collection; are you sure?"

The question is met with a steady deadpan, even if it is aimed at the far wall.  ”Does this look like the face of a woman who is unsure?”

Rose doesn’t wait for an answer.  The shed reeks of metal and even this small bit is enough to set her teeth on edge as a malevolent aura of no rings through her bones.  For all her years even she can’t hide the subtle tells of discomfort.

"Take as much as you can carry."

It’s curiosity that keeps her there and Rose would be a liar if she said that watching her guest fawn over something so trivial wasn’t…endearing. Somewhat.  Vaguely.

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All for say I.